Sophia Lightfoot

My gorgeous doggy Santiago has come on leaps and bounds, after only having him a short while since his arrival from A Spanish pound in Spain.

A massive reason he has come on so far is thanks to Wendy and her daughter Stella.

Santiago stayed at Cosy canines end of January for just over 2 weeks, as we really felt the kennels would be a terrible choice for him and quite traumatic after spending his entire 3 years in a pound.

From the moment of meeting Wendy and dropping him of I felt so content that my dog was in safe hands. Wendy and Stella are massive dog enthusiast and have lots of love to give and a very kind nature.

Santiago was a little shy at first, but Wendy made a special little bed up for Santi with his favourite toys and blanket.

After leaving and setting of on my holidays it was nice to receive a text at the airport with my a picture of Santiago snuggled up in his bed.

Wendy was kind enough to send me lots of updates throughout my holiday which gave me peace of mind.

On collecting Santiago from Cosy Canines, His confidence has improved lots, he even takes himself out to the toilet now without me having to chase him round the house. So toilet trained as well as a happy dog was an added bonus.
We are expecting another dog to arrive from Spain soon and I already have them lined up to Stay with Wendy and Stella at Cosy Canines for when we go on holidays.

All in all a great team Wendy and Stella and fabulous people to take care of your pooches.

Thanks Wendy and Stella xx