Pastoral Care

Keeping the number of guests low ensures that our pastoral care is very high standard.

Pastoral Care - Olly
Olly at Cosy Canines

Cosy Canines believe that ensuring your loved ones safety and happiness is imperative 24/7.

We think the quality of pastoral care is very important. With our thorough vetting and integration process your pet is more than just a visitor, they become part of the CC crew.

Friends to play with. Day trips out exploring the beauty and freedom of the Cotswold region. Plenty of personal care and attention. We ensure that your pet enjoys their stay at Cosy Canines just as much as you enjoy your time away.

Pastoral Care - Teddy
Teddy at Cosy Canines

With complete peace of mind you can relax. Safe in the knowledge that your pet is having a wonderful time.

Cosy Canines is fully licensed for home boarding of dogs by the Cheltenham Borough Council.

We are fully insured, CRB checked and we provide a unique and highly personal service.

You can drop off your loved one to us, or we can collect and deliver at a convenient time in a discreet vehicle.

Cosy Canines Pastoral Care Philosophy

Pastoral Care - Wendy and Robin
Wendy with our dear friend Robin

Cosy Canines thrives itself on Pastoral Care, they are not guests they are family, part of the Cosy Canines Crew – The CC Crew as one of our dear clients named it.

Other clients tell me constantly they could not leave their canine anywhere else. This is their home from home.

I take the care and responsibility of these beautiful creatures very very seriously.

It’s a privilege to spend time with them.

Pastoral Care - Adventures in Autumn
Adventures in Autumn

Leaving their owners to go away and not have to worry… on any level.

That is my Joy,

That is why I do what I do.

For the love of canines.

To take them on our enchanting Cotswold adventures,

and to serve my community.